Amazing looks with Noir Red lipstick

1920s look

Bésame Cosmetics Noir Red lipstick dates from 1930 and is the perfect daring lip colour for the Christmas party season. There is no end to the 1920s and flapper style themed parties for the season, demonstrating perfectly the enduring appeal of  The Great Gatsby movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, that was released in 2013.

So whether you are going for a 1920s or early 1930s look for the season, or whether you are looking to experiment with this gorgeous dark plum lip colour, let us give you a few ideas with the help of Vintage Hair Lounge and photographer Scott Chalmers.

The featured image above shows a beautiful reconstruction of a typical 1920s fashion portrait, and our inspiration was actress Hope Hampton.

You can view behind the scenes of the photoshoot with model Maddy Hobbs in this short film, also showing a 1930s look and a more modern style avant garde interpretation of the 1920s (where the model wears Cherry Red lipstick, a lipstick from 1935).

So now we stay with the 1930s and turn to the showcase look for Vintage Hair Lounge’s 1930s themed hair salon at Goodwood Revival in 2013, where our model Shay-Anne Aboud features with a dandy look inspired by Marlene Dietrich and more modern gothic style, so loved by Director Tim Burton.

1930s Goodwood Revival

Shay-Anne Aboud, Goodwood Revival 2013. Photo by Scott Chalmers

With a top hat created and crafted out of  her own hair, and striking green eyeshadow, popular in the period, the look was completed with Noir Red lipstick, making it forever one of Shay-Anne’s key signature lip colours.

But to show that Noir Red goes with any dramatic look, for any era, modern or vintage, we turn finally to a photoshoot collaboration between Vintage Hair Lounge, Scott Chalmers, and latex clothing company Pandora Deluxe, and model Gemma Foran. A traditional and authentic 1960s beehive on Gemma’s flaming red hair, coupled with a more avant garde style makeup combined perfectly with the latex dress Gemma was wearing. This was no time to play safe, and there was no contest for the lip colour, it had to be Noir Red! The end result was stunning!

beehive latex

Gemma Foran for Pandora Latex. Photo by Scott Chalmers


There we have it, Noir Red is a must for the party season, for 1920s and 1930s looks, for avant garde and alternative gothic looks, what a wonderfully versatile colour that will most certainly get you noticed!

Featured image by Scott Chalmers

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