Bésame Cosmetics sponsor Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015


One of the best summer vintage festivals in the UK, Vintage Nostalgia Show, is adding a brand new sponsor this year, in Bésame Cosmetics. The show began in 2012 in an idyllic enclave of the Wiltshire countryside, and has steadily grown over the past few years without losing its unique identity and family friendly atmosphere. The summer weekender kicks off on Friday 29 May, and concludes on Sunday 31 May.

Our sponsor image draws heavily on the styling seen in recent television success  Agent Carter in which Agent Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell, proudly wears Bésame Red Velvet Classic Color Lipstick (1946) and Bésame Decades of Fragrance 1940s edition which will be launching in Europe in Autumn 2015.

A teaser image from our Agent Carter photoshoot, featuring Bésame Cosmetics model Raven Brookes, also shows how captivating this amazing lip colour is on screen, perfect for film noir looks as well as every day glamour.

Raven Brookes as Agent Carter. Photo Scott Chalmers. Hair & makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. Styling Ellen Rey de Castro

Raven Brookes as Agent Carter. Photo Scott Chalmers. Hair and makeup Vintage Hair Lounge. (Lip colour Red Velvet). Styling Ellen Rey de Castro

Bésame Cosmetics will be based at the show at the Vintage Hair Lounge hair and makeup salon, and our models will feature throughout the event in a variety of press events and themed activities for all show visitors to participate in.

For hair and makeup bookings at Vintage Hair Lounge, please contact Gloria at enquiries@vintagehairlounge.com.

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2 thoughts on “Bésame Cosmetics sponsor Vintage Nostalgia Show 2015

  1. I was wondering if you will be stocking the perfumes at all in the future, they are seemingly impossible to find in the UK.
    Miss E Wise

    • We will be stocking the perfumes in the Autumn, they are being launched in new design bottles and containers, all vey exciting. The perfumes were previously launched in the US only in trial sizes and bottles, and the new ones will be their official launch.

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