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As Bésame Cosmetics celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014, it has been the start of a new chapter of ever closer collaboration between the Californian based brand and a new revitalised Bésame Cosmetics Europe. September 2014 saw Gabriela Hernandez and her family strengthen those links as she attended Goodwood Revival as part of the Vintage Hair Lounge salon and Bésame Cosmetics store, and then she featured at Olympia Beauty as a keynote speaker sharing her expertise on looks from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. In between, we had plenty of opportunity to talk plans for 2015, and even made an appearance at our Director, Sharon Holloway’s old make-up training school, Greasepaint, where Gabriela spent an afternoon talking with the brand new intake of Greasepaint make-up students.


Vintage Hair Lounge at the Bésame Cosmetics store, Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Scott Chalmers

One of the most exciting parts of the experience at Goodwood Revival this year was for our Vintage Hair Lounge hair and makeup team to be showcasing their outstanding styling skills to Gabriela in an ideal environment. Goodwood Revival is after all, the biggest vintage oriented event in the world, with some 150,000 visitors attending from all over the globe during the three day classic car racing spectacular. With visitors dressing “vintage”, the hair and makeup looks become an integral part of what makes Goodwood Revival so special, and many of our visitors and clients were eager to meet Gabriela in person, it being her first public trip to the UK.


Rachel and Amy Russell meet Gabriela Hernandez at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Scott Chalmers

Goodwood Revival - September 2014-6736

Gabriela Hernandez at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Paul Jones

Day two of Goodwood Revival was even more of an eye opener for Gabriela as our Bésame Cosmetics Europe models, Shay-Anne Aboud and Raven Brookes arrived in mischievous mode, ready to be transformed in to two John Travolta (in Grease) inspired rocked up Bésame twins!

Goodwood Revival - September 2014-6256

Gabriela Hernandez and Raven Brookes at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Paul Jones

Goodwood Revival - September 2014-6480

Gabriela Hernandez meets Shay-Anne Aboud, in the make-up chair with Sharon Holloway, and Raven Brookes, at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Paul Jones

And not only were our Bésame twins – aka Joan and Jean Travolta – on hand to show the European Bésame style first hand, but our dearest Kiki DeVille, who was the face of our Goodwood Revival campaign for 2014, stunningly transformed into Elizabeth Taylor, also made it to Goodwood Revival despite her gruelling performing schedule.


Publicity for Bésame Cosmetics and Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Scott Chalmers. Flyer design by Cassie Leedham

So after the last autographs had been signed, and final goodbyes spoken, it was the end of another fantastic Goodwood Revival, and time for Gabriela to start preparing for her week ahead in London.

Goodwood Revival - September 2014-6652

Gabriela Hernandez signs autographs at Goodwood Revival 2014. Photo by Paul Jones

And so on to Greasepaint to share a little of Gabriela’s encyclopedic cosmetics history knowledge with students and tutors. It’s long been established that in the US, Gabriela and Bésame are the go-to people for era authentic high performing cosmetics for film and television. Bésame Cosmetics are currently featuring prominently on the cast and on the screen of the new season of American Horror Story featuring Jessica Lange. So it was with great respect and inspiration that Gabriela and her products were so well received by established and new make-up professionals alike. A special thankyou to Liz Tagg and Renata Gilbert for hosting this very special session with Gabriela.

By the time the weekend came around again, we were already well set up and ready to go at the Bésame Cosmetics stand at Olympia Beauty, and for Gabriela’s Keynote Speaker speech, we were busily getting our models ready to encapsulate the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s eras Gabriela would be focussing on.


Gabriela Hernandez on the Art of Makeup Stage at Olympia Beauty 2014, with models L-R Raven Brookes, Shay-Anne Aboud and Jade Hargood. Photo by Paul Jones

The whole 10 days Gabriela was in the UK was jam-packed, and we have no doubt that everyone who engaged with her during that time, was left with a lasting memory and a twinkle of inspiration. A truly amazing woman.

Gabriela, come back soon!

Featured image by Scott Chalmers

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