First Day of Summer

Summer officially began this morning just after 5am and Mother Nature took note and gave us a beautiful summer day here in southern New England! A sea breeze kept coastal towns cooler, but inland spots saw highs reach the upper 70s today!

Of course the first day of summer is exciting, it also marks the longest day of the year. So you know what that means… days start to get shorter as soon as tomorrow. Now thankfully it’s a slow process so tomorrow is only shorter than today by 3 seconds. While the days may be getting shorter, the summer like temperatures are just beginning. In fact we don’t hit our warmest average highs until mid July!

While most of us were soaking up the sun today, western Massachusetts was quite the opposite. It was a cloudy day with on and off light rain showers. That line of showers and clouds will try to push it’s way eastward but fall apart as it tries to do so. While the timing of the rain chances is hard to nail down because it’s fizzling out in the process, it’s most likely we’ll see a few light showers tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow afternoon it will start to collapse back west again.

I’d plan on a few light showers Wednesday morning with spot showers possible Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Once we get the rain chances behind us things will really heat up for the weekend. We’ll have a shot at 90° for both Saturday and Sunday.