Major League Baseball strikes out with subway-themed ad

Swing, and a miss.

Major League Baseball tried to jump on the Yankees bandwagon with a mistake-laden tweet deserving of a hearty Bronx cheer.

“Next stop 60,” read the tweet over a picture of sluggers Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres emerging from a graffiti smeared train. “First to 50 wins,” reads a caption above the photo.

The double-play of a mistake, first spotted by the blog Hell Gate, featured a couple of miscalculations. First, the league did not get the MTA’s permission to use the transit system’s logo.

Second, the train’s not even in New York.

“Major League Baseball knows better,” said MTA spokesman Sean Butler. “Use of the MTA logo goes through a prior approval and licensing process. Had the MLB reached out, we would have pointed out their graphic includes the skyline of Chicago, not New York City, home of literally the two best teams in baseball.”

Actually, it was more like a triple play. Subway graffiti went out with the four-pitch walk.