Be a happy camper at W South Beach’s adults-only summer camp

Remember the good old days of summer vacation? No worries, no responsibilities, just all fun and sun and the fun, all the time? Even though you’re supposed to be “adulting,” you can still feel like a kid again every once in a while. Deco’s checking out a SoFlo hotel that wants everyone to be a happy camper.

Forget math camp and space camp. Summer camp is in session.

No, not that one. This grown-up getaway is going down at the W South Beach hotel.

Camp WSB is the place to be.

Isabel Gracia: “It’s a great way to begin the summer, to just feel like a kid again, and to enjoy and meet some new people.”

This adults-only, three-day event combines the stuff you loved as a kid…

Isabel Gracia: “We have put together some exciting activities, starting from culinary. We have movies on the green along with truffle popcorn, we have fitness, we have arts and crafts.”

…with the perks of being older and wiser. 

Isabel Gracia: “We have a mixologist, so we have some specialty drinks just prepared for it.”

Get your fitness on with a group workout, or go one-on-one with a tennis pro. OK, maybe not like that.

No need to act out a movie when you can kick back and watch one under the stars instead.

And don’t forget about the big camp cookout.

Isabel Gracia: “One of our favorite events is a cookout that happens on Saturdays, so we get together, we have great food, we have drinks, and then we also have a DJ.”

You don’t have to be staying at the hotel to sign up for camp, but you get perks if you are.

Isabel Gracia: “You will receive a ‘welcome back’ that contains a canteen you can refill with drinks for the entire weekend.”

Ria Michelle: “I am absolutely loving camp. From crafting and the cookout, it’s so much fun. I never got to go to camp as a kid, so it’s really great to experience this as an adult with the W.”

Camp WSB runs from Friday through Sunday. The first session kicks off Friday.


W South Beach2201 Collins Ave.Miami Beach, Florida, USA, 33139305-938-3000