Unity Over Divide: Official Patriot Gear® Reinvigorates the True Spirit of American Patriotism


One of the many pillars of the American dream is deeply rooted in the notion of patriotism. As a proud citizen of the United States who enjoys the many liberties offered by the country, it is crucial to make one’s patriotic position known. A surefire way to emphasize this belief is by proudly supporting merchandise and apparel that embodies a love for the country and its people. Official Patriot Gear® is a brand that provides the American people with an avenue to showcase their true patriotism through high-quality apparel.

True patriotism is non-partisan and isn’t tied down to any individual or group. It is all about wanting to see a country and its people grow, thrive, and be free. The apparel that OPG produces serves as a constant reminder of this notion. The renowned brand aims to unite people from all walks of life to remind them what true patriotism stands for. Since the company’s inception, OPG has built a pristine reputation for offering the highest quality of apparel and products.

The great thing about the beautiful country of America is that its culture and its sense of patriotism aren’t tied down to its home soil. People from all over the world have embraced the message and mission of OPG, with Patriot tees currently circulating around the globe in 48 countries. Official Patriot Gear® isn’t just an ordinary clothing company. The brand’s crystal clear message serves a great purpose that goes above and beyond the products that they sell.

Through its unwavering vision of patriotism, OPG has fostered a community, and a movement made up of people from vastly different backgrounds who wholeheartedly believe in the brand’s mission. These people have chosen to represent the true OPG identity and share it with the world every day. “It is not a political clothing brand that chases trends or exists because of political differences. It stands for freedom for ALL and unity over divide,” explained its visionary founder.

Official Patriot Gear® is owned and operated by Ian and Madeline Wendt. With over a decade of sales and marketing experience, Ian Wendt built OPG from the ground up from just a single t-shirt. In late 2020, the firebrand entrepreneur was adamant about spreading his brand’s positive message. He utilized his social media presence to build a community and raise money to rescue dying small businesses in America, funds for veterans, child trafficking organizations, and serve less fortunate families all across the United States.

“I felt called to something bigger and chose to leave my former career behind. Starting with the original Patriot tee, I began producing more and more products as the demand grew and gave people worldwide a voice and a way to stand up for what they believed and lived every day. I never planned on starting a brand. I only wanted to raise awareness, spread truth, stand up for freedom and give everyone who wanted to do the same a way to,” shared Ian Wendt.

From that moment on, the idea for Official Patriot Gear® came to fruition with its flagship Patriot tee that carries a sense of pride, patriotism, and adoration for the United States and its people. OPG has truly become one of the great All-American brands since its early days. The thriving apparel brand has inspired countless individuals to share their love for their country and make their voices heard in a world that seems all too divided.

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