Lady Baker, Pastry Is Art serve up sweet treats that will put you in fall mood

Spooky season’s got us going batty for pumpkin spice and all things fall and nice, but let’s not ghoul around and cut to the chase. The new season means yummy fall treats.

And if you want to spice things up and try something other than a PSL, aka a pumpkin spice latte, then we know two places that’ll have you howling for the flavors of autumn.

Lady Baker bakery in Pembroke Gardens is going to have you fall-ing in love with the flavors of fall.

Paula Marsola: “We’re going to have a pumpkin pie, chai cruffin, pumpkin sourdough, pumpkin spice latte and a brown sugar spice latte.”

Did she say cruffin?

Paula Marsola: “Cruffin is a croissant dough that we bake in a muffin tin.”

At Lady Baker, one layer of pumpkin pie wasn’t enough, so they defied desert tradition and put together a three-layered pie.

Paula Marsola: “We have the first layer that is a pumpkin pie base, and then we have a pumpkin mousse with white chocolate, and we have the whipped cream with spices on the top.”

Not to mention a pumpkin sourdough bread to match.

Paula Marsola: “We’re going to put some pumpkin inside with toasted sage. It’s going to make an amazing snack for you.”

And she didn’t forget the fan favorite: pumpkin spice latte. Or try their brown sugar spice latte. Either one is going to put you in the autumn mood.

Angelo Martinelli: “Something I love about Lady Baker’s fall menu is their pumpkin spice latte, all their spices, their cruffin. It’s like taking a bite out of fall.”

The sweets at Pastry Is Art in North Miami can make the undead come alive, just to get a bite of that yummy goodness.

Jenny Rissone: “We always focus on putting that special art in our desserts.”

Cute stuff. They’re kicking off spooky season with spine-chilling treats.

Jenny Rissone: “Neon Halloween Key lime shots, we’re doing cake pops, we are doing cupcakes, special cupcakes.”

They’ve also got all the pies you can want, but the real fan favorite is their bourbon pecan pie.

Jenny Rissone: “People always ask for our bourbon pecan pie, and I think they like more the bourbon than the pecan.”

Jeanny Urrego: “I love to come to Pastry Is Art, and now that they have the pecan pie, I think that I will come every day.”

FOR MORE INFO:Lady BakerThe Shops at Pembroke Gardens14545 SW 5th St.Pembroke Pines, FL

Pastry Is ArtKeystone Shopping Center12591 Biscayne Blvd.North Miami, FL