Happy Friday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. The weather in South Florida surely cooperated for the holiday as rain remained out of the forecast. But while South Florida remained on the dry side for the biggest Fall holiday there is, it sure did not feel like Fall as afternoon temperatures on Thanksgiving day reached well into the mid to upper 80s. Unfortunately this morning we continued with the warm temperatures as we started off in the upper 70s and low 80s with light winds and very humid conditions. At least rain wasn’t an issue for those who were heading out very early for some holiday shopping deals. 

Speaking of holiday shopping, with so many heading out to snag those Black Friday deals, we are all left wondering what kind of weather mother nature brings on us today. Normally, around the holidays and this time of year Fall-like conditions are always welcomed. Unfortunately South Florida will remain on the warm side with another afternoon of temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 80s. Some areas may even flirt with records!  Any shower activity today should remain spotty to isolated in nature so at least that won’t get in the way of any holiday shopping. 

Looking ahead, South Florida will be looking for that heat relief that we thought we were going to get through the last few weeks. It just turns out that a lot of the fronts that have approached South Florida in the last few weeks have lost their energy and weakened before reaching our area. And it looks like this weekend there’s a chance that we will be in that same scenario. There will be a front that is forecast to reach our area late Sunday into early Monday, but as it gets closer to us, it will be weakening once again. Now, if the front actually clears parts of South Florida, then we could be looking at some kind of humidity relief albeit brief and subtle. But I’m sure anyone that lives  in these warm parts would not complain if afternoon high temperatures dropped to the lower 80s instead of the mid to upper 80s as we’ve been seeing. In addition, if that front were to clear us, then we could finally also enjoy slightly lower humidity levels. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this quiet weather. 

Have a great weekend!

Erika DelgadoMeteorologistWSVN Channel 7 News